How to Increase iPhone 4s Online Sale and Get the Best Online iPhone Sale Experience

If you are a gadget geek, you most probably want to increase iPhone 4s online sale so that you can incur fewer out-of-pocket expenses when buying the latest iPhone model. You will agree that with Apple releasing more sophisticated iPhones, you cannot afford to hold on to your used iPhone longer. Most gadget geeks tend to purchase the latest iPhone models so that they can enjoy using their innovative features. However, this does not mean that you can sell your used iPhone 4s at a throw away price. There are ways through which you can make more money from the online sale of your iPhone 4s as our experts explain.

Consider disconnection

Disconnection is one of the most important things that you should consider when selling your iPhone 4s online. You should ensure that your iPhone is not tied up with the account that you are using. This is a very important move because bad serial numbers for electronics can prevent you from making a good online sale. Therefore, contact your carrier and ask them to terminate your contract. Once your contract with the carrier has been terminated, you can do the next thing which is to unlock your used iPhone 4s.

Unlock your iPhone 4s

With the contract with the carrier terminated, you can easily have your iPhone unlocked or jailbroken. However, you may have to pay for leftover dues that you might have. Note that the fees of terminating the contract with the carrier might be quite expensive because they are usually pro-rated on the basis of your monthly rate as well as the remaining period of the contract. Nevertheless, they are worth incurring if you want to unlock your iPhone 4s so that you can sell it faster.

Create a listing for your iPhone 4s

After unlocking your iPhone 4s, you now move on to the next step which is to list it so that it can be found by prospective buyers. I